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Compostable Wooden Cutlery

Ecoware Biodegradables wooden cutlery is a unique and modern alternative to disposable plastic cutlery. Our beautifully crafted birch wood cutlery is a stylish, very affordable, eco-friendly cutlery choice for your next picnic, office or dinner party, special event, wedding, or in your cafe or restaurant!

Ecoware Biodegradables compostable wooden cutlery balances quality, price, and environmental concerns to provide a unique and affordable compostable cutlery alternative. Stylish and eco-friendly, compostable cutlery never looked so good!
  Wooden Fork Knife Spoon
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Ecoware wooden forks, wooden spoons, and wooden knives are crafted with FSC-certified birch wood. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is the industry benchmark for sustainably managed wood and wood products. All of our compostable wooden cutlery is packaged in cases made with recycled paper products. Ecoware cutlery is 100% natural, with no additives or other ingredients.

Ecoware Biodegradables compostable wooden cutlery is available in 100 piece packs, 1000 piece food service packs, 6000 piece wholesale packs, and pre-packaged cutlery sets.
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From fast food to five star hotels, our clients love the look, feel, and quality of Ecoware compostable wooden cutlery. Ecoware products are ultra cool, modern, and popular choices for eco-friendly compostable cutlery consumers. Biodegradable cutlery is an easy and affordable way to stop using plastic. At just pennies a piece, Ecoware wooden cutlery is a small and easy change to make in your establishment.

Wooden Fork Knife Spoon Ecoware
Our compostable cutlery products are smooth, strong, durable, and will impress your guests, staff, and customers. Compostable wooden cutlery kits are another great compostable cutlery option for to-go applications. Each cutlery kit contains one compostable wooden spoon, one compostable wooden fork, one compostable wooden knife and a napkin, all packaged in a sealed, recycled paper sleeve. Ecoware Biodegradables offers many special order compostable cutlery products, such as a compostable wooden ice cream spoon and compostable wooden spork, a unique design combining the wooden fork and the wooden spoon. Our compostable wooden forks, compostable wooden spoons, compostable wooden knives, and other wooden cutlery products are compostable cutlery solutions for all food service applications.

Our Ecoware Biodegradables team also offers design services for custom logo wooden cutlery, which we can customize with your company logo or text. Our team will work together with you to create beautiful compostable wooden utensils or wooden cutlery kits with your custom logo. Ecoware compostable wooden cutlery and wooden cutlery kits with your company's custom logo send the message that you support eco-friendly food service products. Ecoware Biodegradables customers that have chosen Ecoware products love their compostable wooden cutlery, custom logo cutlery, and cutlery kits.

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